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M2web Online Help

M2web KPIs Alerts

M2web allows the monitoring of the alerts/alarms related to the KPIs declared in your Ewon Flexy.

If a Flexy tag is set as a KPI and is triggering an alarm, this alert will be forwarded to the M2web platform.


When you open the M2web instance, the platform performs a permanent monitoring of the Ewon's KPIs.

KPI values and alarm states are automatically displayed on your web browser without any extra configuration.

Minor alarm: Low or High


Major alarm: Low-Low or High-High



Learn How to Create Alarms on the Ewon Flexy Tags on our e-Learning course.


The alert icon timer is web-based and reflects the timing of an occuring alert since the opening of your M2web session.

  1. Alert Section:

    In the alerts section, all Ewon devices with at least 1 KPI in alarm are listed and can be selected. This list can also be sorted with the help of the filtering tool.

  2. Alert Icon:

    In the top menu bar, the Alerts icon allows you to keep an eye on all KPI alarms.


    The Alerts icon displays a short summary of all the current KPI alarms.

    If you click on the alert, it will redirect you to the concerned Ewon.