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M2web Online Help

How to view KPIs on M2web ?

The KPI feature of the Ewon Flexy enables users to easily get instant information about the health, performance or targeted key values of all their connected machines.


The process can be described in 3 steps:

  1. Set a Ewon Flexy tag as KPI:

    1. From the Ewon Flexy web interface, click on the Tags section.

    2. Select Values. Its configuration page will allow you to configure up to 6 tags as KPIs.


      This supposes you already have a PLC linked to your Ewon and from which you can retrieve data.

      More details on the Ewon Support web site in the Data Acquisition website.

    3. Once set as KPIs, the tags are automatically displayed on the summary page.


      This page can be directly browsed locally on you Ewon Flexy.

  2. Publish the Ewon Flexy KPIs to Talk2m:

    First, you need to configure the Ewon Flexy to send the KPIs to Talk2m to make them appear in M2web.

    1. From the Ewon Flexy web interface, click on the Setup section.

    2. Select System then click on the Main section.

    3. Under Net Services, choose the Data Management option.

  3. Visualize the KPIs on M2web:

    1. Go to the M2web platform and log in to your account to visualize the KPIs.

    2. Inside M2web, the information is presented in a modern responsive graphical interface.

      Each KPI visually displays the alarm status: Blue for normal state, Yellow for warning, and Red for alarm.



      This information is also reflected on the M2web Map view.