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Ewon Talk2m Visualization

Alarms and Service Logs

Events are used to make the users aware of special conditions that might require some action. Events can either be an Alarm or a Service Log event.

Events can be associated with tags and triggered automatically when a certain condition is met. Events can also be entered manually by a user and not necessarily connected to a tag value.

  1. Events View

    If the alarm condition is still true, the event will be in the active event list. The active event list can also contain events that are not yetacknowledged if the event is configured to require acknowledgement.

    1. Click on an Alarm or Service Log widget in the dashboard to get a detailed Events page.

      On this page, events are grouped into Active Events and Historical Events.

    2. Click on an entry in either the Active Events or Historical Events list to get detailed information about the event including its start and end time and any comments.

    3. You can also add a comment for this specific event or for all events of this type.

  2. Events Acknowledge

    1. If you have sufficient user rights to acknowledge an event, click on the Acknowledge button to acknowledge this specific event.

    2. Click on the Acknowledge All button will acknowledge all events for this time period.

  3. How to add a New Service Log Event

    1. Authorized users can add new Events, to do soclick on the New button on the Alarm or Service Log widget.

    2. Select the correct Event Type from a drop-down list, it will indicate the start and end time of the event, and add any comments.

    3. To attach Additional Documentation for this event, you can use the Upload File button to add an attachment.