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Requirements and Recommendations


Before starting to use the i4BACnet software make sure to check out the list of Software, Browser, and Hardware requirements and recommendations.

This topic contains the software and hardware requirements and recommendations for proper usage of i4BACnet.

Software Requirements

i4BACnet is a standalone product having its own installation procedure.Ewon by HMS Networksi4BACnet has the following software requirements:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64)

  • Microsoft .NET Core 3.1.26 Windows Server Hosting

  • IIS 8.0 or higher (note that this software is implicitly installed by OS Windows 8)

The above-indicated products will be automatically installed by the i4BACnet installer pack (more details under i4BACnet Installation guides chapter.

On the other hand, the BACnet Connector configuration area depends on another Ewon by HMS Networks application, namely, i4scada (Version 3.8). For more information, you can visit the i4scada Software Requirements.

Browser Recommendations


Very good support, regardless of the operating system. This is the browser most recommended, especially for Windows users.


Good support

Microsoft Edge

Good support


Good support


Not supported

Internet Explorer

Not supported

Hardware Requirements

The same Hardware Requirements applicable to i4scada are valid for i4BACnet. More details can be found under i4scada Hardware Requirements.