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i4designer Knowledge Base

i4designer Introduction


Before starting to work with the i4designer platform check out these articles for a brief introduction of this knowledge base.

Ewon by HMS Networks i4designer Knowledge Base is the web-help resource that aims to help users who are working with the i4designer software. This knowledge base will drive you through the following main sections:

  • The i4designer Administration section describes the roles and permissions system, allowing you to understand what is your current position and which actions are granted to you.

  • The i4designer Control Center section provides you with all the information needed to manage your user account and start setting up new projects.

  • The i4designer section is dedicated to the actual project management functionalities, guiding you through the i4designer visual structure and the three featured project platforms.

  • The i4designer Components section provides a detailed description of all the project components and their properties, hence allowing you to understand the purpose to which each and every one of them serves.

  • The i4designer Project Builds section describes the build methods that are available for you, as soon as you have set up your project.

  • The i4designer Project Deployments section provides all the needed information required to transfer the project files to the target system, via an FTP server, a USB interface or direct publish.