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i4scada Platform


Check out the particularities provided to you by the i4designer i4scada Platform. A brief introduction to this subject can be found in this article.

The i4scada platform enables the possibility to design and visualize SCADA projects, using the i4designer cloud-based engineering platform.

The i4designer projects created on the i4scada platform bring along a set of particularities:


i4designer project for the i4scada Platform

i4scada Project settings

By clicking the Settings menu of the Designer contextual actions area, the i4scada project settings panel is opened.


i4scada Project settings panel

In this view a set of project general information is displayed, along with the possibility to customize the deployment screen size:

  • Page width - specifies the width of the screen size for both design-time and run-time. The screen width can be adjusted by directly typing in the desired value or by using the up / down arrows to increase or decrease it.


    Page width

  • Page height - specifies the height of the screen size for both design-time and run-time. The screen height can be adjusted by directly typing in the desired value or by using the up / down arrows to increase or decrease it.


    Page height

  • Simulation Mode - Allows the user to turn on and off the signal simulation, per project. When the Signal Simulation Mode is set to True all the components using Signals data will simulate values at design time, therefore allowing the user to test a project while designing it. By default, the property is set to True.


    Simulation Mode

i4scada Signals management

As described in the article "The global actions area", the Signals management function is adjusted on the basis of the selected platform project.


Signal configuration menu, for an i4scada platform project

The i4scada Signal operations panel allows the user the possibility to get signals, using two methods:

  • By means of automatic synchronization


    Automatically synchronizing i4scada Signals


    When using the automatic synchronization method, both i4scada Server and i4scada Synchronization Service should be in status running, on i4scada side.


    i4scada Service Manage tool

  • By means of XML import


    Importing i4scada Signals

Regardless of the user method, the Signal Configuration page is populated with all the Signals available on the user's i4scada machine.


The list of i4scada Signals


For more details about the management of i4scada Signals, please also read the dedicated tutorials, here.

i4scada Components

The list of i4scada Components is available under the Toolbox menu of the Designer contextual actions area. All i4scada specific components provide the functionality required to build a complex and professional HTML SCADA visualization, starting with HTML navigation up to alarm management.

For an easier interaction, the i4scada components are split up into multiple categories each serving a wide range of purposes. For more details about the i4scada components, please refer to the dedicated article.


Components that are not compatible with the i4scada platform projects are disabled from the Toolbox.

i4scada Automatic publish

The user can publish i4designer projects using three methods:

  • direct download method

  • publish over FTP method

  • automatic publish method

    The Automatic publish method enables a direct connection between the i4designer environment and an i4scada machine, hence, allowing the direct publishing of a project.


    More details concerning the Automatic publish method can be found in the dedicated article.