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i4designer Knowledge Base

Requirements and Recommendations


Here is the list of requirements and recommendations that you need to consider before starting to work with the i4designer platform.

i4designer is a fully graphical, cloud-based engineering platform, allowing industrial companies to visualize their web SCADA, HMI, and Internet of Things projects fast and easily. As this software solution is completely web-based, it offers intuitive tools that do not require any programming knowledge. Process visualizations can be created using drag-and-drop functions from graphical elements or automatically generated from existing text files, hence reducing web visualization costs to a minimum.


The main benefit of the i4designer platform is that it is accessible on any standard workstation, considering that the user has internet, the correct link, and credentials to access the platform.

Client Software Requirements

Web Browser



Very good support, regardless of the operating system. This is the most recommended browser, especially for Windows users.


Good support


Good support


Good support

Microsoft Edge Chromium

Good support


Good support

Microsoft Edge

Not supported

Internet Explorer

Not supported