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i4scada Knowledge Base

Activity Analyzer Filter Settings


Read this article for an overview of the i4scada Activity Analyzer filter settings provided to you by WEBfactory.

The display of diagnostic messages can be adjusted using the Filter settings. The Filter settings can be accessed by using the Filter.jpg button or by pressing Ctrl + F on the keyboard. In addition to the standard settings, there are further custom filter settings available.


Filter settings

Standard filters

There are 5 standard filters available, which can be selected by means of a drop-down box and can be separately adapted for each i4scada module. Filter options are activated by clicking on the OK button and can be modified as desired during runtime. When the program is shut down, they are automatically saved.

UI Option


No trace messages

No trace messages will be issued.

Only error messages

Display of error messages

Warning and error messages

Display of error and warning messages

Information, warning and error messages

Display of error, warning, and information messages

Debugging, information, warning and error messages

Display of error, warning, information, and debugging  messages

The types of messages are identified by various icons.

  • Capture1340.jpg Error

  • Capture1341.jpg Warning

  • Capture1342.jpg Information and/or debugging

  • Information_and_debugging_2.jpg Information

Advanced filters

In the case of the advanced filter settings, the user can set and save combinations of different filter criteria such as i4scada Server “errors only” and i4scada Logger “debugging messages only”.

Expanded filters and standard filters can be put in place at the same time and they have a cumulative effect.

UI Option


Symbol Capture1343.jpg

Creates a new filter combination

Symbol Capture1344.jpg

Copies the filter line that is currently indicated.

Symbol Capture1346.jpg

Deletes the filter line that is currently indicated.

Channel ID

Module selection The module name may contain a placeholder character. „i4scadaS*“displays messages from the Server and SchedulerPro. Further input options are “BacNet*”, “Modbus*” or ADS*.

Message topic

Filters for messages with the same Group ID such as “Group.UpdateSignals” or “Group.AsyncRead“.

Message level

Filters for messages with the same level such as “Info” or “Fault”. Message levels can be selected individually and combined.


Loads an XML file with filter settings.


Saves the filter settings in an XML file.

The selected message levels will be displayed as a hexadecimal encoded value in the Message Level column.

Example: Error + warning + info + debug = hex (F).

In the i4scada standard system, only the error, warning, info and debug info levels are active. All other message levels are reserved for future i4scada modules and applications.