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i4scada Knowledge Base

MessengerPro Heartbeat Signals


Learn about the two internal WEBfactory i4scada MessengerPro signals that output its current health status.

The MessengerPro Service outputs two internal i4scada signals for its current health status:

  • WFMInternal_AliveTimeStamp

  • WFMInternal_AliveStatus

WFMInternal_AliveTimeStamp outputs the current UTC time and is actualized every operation cycle of MessengerPro service. If this timestamp is not actualized for a longer time, it would mean that the MessengerPro service stopped or is frozen.

WFMInternal_AliveStatus describes the current status of the service. It can have the following values:

  • 10: Stopped

  • 12: Starting

  • 13: Running