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i4scada Application Template connect method call failure


Learn how to overcome the connect method failure that you may encounter while using the i4scada Application Template.

The users of the i4scada Application Template that do not update to the latest version of the Application Template for version 3.8.4, must make a small change to avoid the connect method call from failing.

  1. Open Visual Studio with Administrative privileges. To do so, right-click on the Visual Studio icon and select Run as Administrator. This is required in order to ensure that the access to Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration is granted.

  2. In Visual Studio open a new Project using File > New > Project.

  3. In the New project dialog, search for the WEBfactory i4scada Application template or locate it under the left-side menu in Visual C# .

  4. The new project is opened. In the Solution Explorer open the securityServiceApi.ts node, through the path: App > src > services > api .

  5. Find the following line:

    return<SessionDTO>("SignalsService", "Connect", null);
  6. Update the line to:

    return<SessionDTO>("SignalsService", "Connect", { });
  7. To preserve the changes, use the toolbar button Save  or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S.