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MessengerPro Web Application Configuration


To properly configure the i4scada MessengerPro Web Application check out this article and start setting up your environment.

i4scada MessengerPro can be configured directly through i4scada Studio or by using the web application. This makes possible the configuration of MessengerPro from any visualization.

The changes made by the user from the visualization at run time are immediately implemented by i4scada MessengerPro.

The WEB Application may be used with multiple browsers: Internet Explorer 11 (or higher), Chrome, Microsoft Edge.

Starting the Web Application

Use the http://servername/_SERVICES/MessengerPro address in the web browser. Replace the “servername” with the name of the computer where i4scada MessengerPro is installed. After the initialization, the login window appears.


The Login dialog

The hardware related configuration can be done from i4scada Studio, from Settings > Messages > Services.


Messaging Services area


If no valid user is logged in, the application page will initialize the login dialog.


MessengerPro Web Access Login page

The authorized users should be found in i4scada Studio > Settings > User Manager > Access Groups > System access tab.

For every user with configuration read permission, the system authorization “MessengerPro: Guest” should be active. If the user is allowed to edit the configuration, the system authoritative “MessengerPro: Administration” should be active.

For additional information about the User Manager, please refer to the i4scada Studio documentation.