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Extended Alarm Properties Section


Learn how to configure up to 32 additional custom properties for alarms, under the i4scada Studio Extended Alarm Properties section.

The Extended Alarm Properties section allows the user to configure up to 32 additional custom properties for alarms, that can be translated and can have different data types. The Extended Alarm Properties can be used to expand the possibilities to customize an alarm in Studio. For example, using extended alarm properties, the triggered alarm will display additional details about the cause of the alarm.


Extended Alarm Properties panel


You can also visit the Ewon by HMS Networks YouTube channel, for a video tutorial, demonstrating the management of Alarm Extended Properties and Replacement Signals.

i4scada Studio: Alarm Extended Properties and Replacement Signals

The options listed in the Extended Alarm Properties section are:

UI Option


Extended Property

The number of the extended property, from 1 to 32.


The name of the extended property.


The state of the extended property. When not active, the extended property will not be available in the Extended Properties tab of the Alarm details panel.

Data type

The data type of the extended property. Can be either String, Integer, or Double. This setting allows the property to hold the appropriate data.

Contextual menu

The contextual menu is available when right-clicking in the main view of the Extended Alarm Properties section.

UI Option


Property details

Toggles the Property details panel.

Property details panel

The Property detail panel displays the description of the selected extended property in all available languages. All the languages defined in the Studio are available for the extended properties descriptions.

The description in the available languages is saved only when pressing the Save buttons.