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Using your i4scada App with a Remote Server


Here are a few words providing you with details explaining the scope of a remote server connection to the i4scada App Template.

Running the i4scada App and the Ewon by HMS Networks web services on different servers is a very common scenario. This is why the connection to the remote server hosting the web services can be configured in a single location, by providing the name or IP of the remote server.

There are two scenarios in which the server connection can be set up: prior to publishing, in Visual Studio and after publishing, by editing the index.html of the deployed application:

The above referenced tutorials describe how to set up the i4scada App to connect to a remote server hosting the web services. This scenario implies the following:

  • the i4scada App is built and published on server A

  • the Ewon by HMS Networks web services are running on server B

  • the i4scada App must connect and use the web services running on server B