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Upgrading to i4scada 3.8 from WEBfactory2010


This tutorial is addressed to all the WEBfactory 2010 users who are looking forward to a software upgrade. Check out these steps and learn how to activate i4scada 3.8.

Similar to upgrading from an older i4scada 3.8 version to a later one, on the attempt to start the i4scada 3.8 setup, while having WEBfactory2010 installed, a pop-up dialog is displayed preventing further actions:


i4scada information dialog

To upgrade from WEBfactory2010 to i4scada 3.8, please follow the below described steps:


Before uninstalling the WEBfactory2010 setup, please make sure that the i4scada Server and all the related applications are stopped.


All i4scada Servers are in status Stopped


Exit also the i4scada Service Manager

  1. Tap the Windows Start button to open the Start Menu.

  2. Input "control panel" in the search box and click on the desktop app to open Control Panel.

  3. Click on the Uninstall a program button.

  4. The Programs and Features window is opened.

  5. Search for the WEBfactory application and click right on it, in the list.

  6. Select the Uninstall option.

  7. A pop-up dialog will ask for your confirmation. Click the button Yes, to proceed.

  8. Upon uninstall, close the Programs and Features window and proceed with the new i4scada application setup.