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Web Access Section


Learn how to configure the client's Web Access to the WEBfactory i4scada system, only by reading this article.

The Web Access section allows the user to configure the web access of the clients to the Ewon by HMS Networks server. The user can allow access only to particular clients or to all clients.


Web Access Section

The options listed in the Web Access section are:

UI Option


Client Name

The name of the client that has access to the Ewon by HMS Networks system via the web, by setting the machine names and/or IP addresses.

To allow all clients to have access to the system via the web, use the star * sign.


Sets the access priority of the client. This priority is taken into account when multiple clients try to access the server at the same time.


A custom description of the client.

Contextual menu

The contextual menu is available when right-clicking in the main view of the Web Access section.

UI Option



Edits the cell in which the contextual menu was invoked.


Adds a new web access definition for a new client.


Deletes the currently selected web access definition.