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i4scada Studio SchedulerPro


SchedulerPro allows definition of automatic switching operations for days, weeks, months and years allowing you to edit and monitor them from any location.

The present article describes the management of project scheduling, by means of the SchedulerPro.

Additionally, you may also visit the SchedulerPro Tutorials article for a practical step-based guide, focused on the most commonly met use cases, in SchedulerPro module.  


The i4scada SchedulerPro is an optional software module that allows the user to set events that run on a calendar based schedule. The events can trigger different programs which can set values for selected signals, thus, controlling the desired environment or machine.

SchedulerPro may be uswebfactoryed either in i4scada Studio or by means of the SchedulerPro Web application. 


  • Program configuration - every defined location can have one or more associated programs that define the actions that will take place on that location. The program actions are configured based on the start time and end time of the program and can handle multiple actions. Every program action implies modifying a signal's value.

  • Location configuration - the SchedulerPro module allows the user to define locations. Locations can be used to logically group programs based on their location of functionality.

  • Events scheduling - the events can be scheduled on the SchedulerPro calendar and trigger programs on specific locations.