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Remote Confirmation Service Section


Interested in how to configure i4scada MessengerPro for voice confirmation messages for remote acknowledgments? Check out this article!

The Remote Confirmation Service section allows the user to configure the settings for voice confirmation messages for remote acknowledgments.


Remote Confirmation Service Section

The options listed in the Remote Confirmation Service section are split into two categories: General and Communication.

The settings will only be saved upon pressing the Save button.

General options

UI Option



Toggles the Voice messaging service on or off. If disabled, the Voice service won't be available in Messenger or MessengerPro.

Voice Engine

The voice engine used for speech output. By default, only Microsoft Anna for US English voice engine is available. If other Microsoft compatible voice engines are installed, they will be available here.

Welcome sequence

The starting sequence of the voice confirmation message.

Confirmation success

The voice message used for confirming a successful operation.

Confirmation failure

The voice message used for confirming a failed operation.

Communication options

The Communication options allows the user to choose and configure the settings for sending the confirmation voice message.

CAPI hardware interface settings

CAPI hardware interface settings

UI Option


Hardware interface

The hardware interface used for sending the alarm voice messages. Can be:

  • CAPI (Common ISDN Application Programming Interface)

  • Modem

CAPI interface

The CAPI interface to be used, from 0 to 7.

If you don't know which CAPI interface to select, please ask your hardware vendor/manufacturer.

If you have only one ISDN card installed, try the CAPI interface 0.


The internal connection number for using the MSN (Multiple Subscriber Numbering) service. When using the MSN service, several devices that have associated MSN numbers can be called on the same ISDN line.


The period of time to wait before redialling, when the receiver cannot be reached.

Modem settings

Modem Settings

UI Option


COM port

The COM port used to access the modem.

Additional AT-commands

If the modem requires additional AT (Hayes) initialization commands, they can be entered here.

The AT commands will be sent to the modem before a connection is established.


The period of time to wait before redialling, when the receiver cannot be reached.