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i4scada Knowledge Base

i4scada Service Manager and Activity Analyzer Settings


Learn how to start the i4scada Service for the IoT Manager, in order to ensure that IoT messages are being logged.

The i4scada Service Manager has built-in support for the IoT Manager. The i4scada IoT Manager server can be started or stopped, like all the other i4scada Servers.


i4scada Service Manager

After the i4scada IoT Manager Server is in status Running, the messages logged by the IoT will be listed in the main panel of the i4scada Activity Analyzer.

The i4scada Activity Analyzer also has built-in support for the i4scada IoT Manager.

The IoT Manager device can be filtered by message type, choosing from the following options:

  • No trace messages

  • Error messages only

  • Warn and Error messages

  • Info, Warn, and Error messages

  • Debug, Info, Warn, and Error messages


Activity Analyzer - Filter settings dialog