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DCOM OPC Error Codes


Check out this article and learn more details about the i4scada DCOM OPC error codes.

Error Code



Access denied.

This error usually happens due to DCOM or Windows security settings. On Windows XP SP2-based computers this error may rarely happen due to a known bug. See for details.


RPC Server is not available


The remote procedure call failed.


DCOM Error

The 0x800401F3 DCOM Error occurs when the function CLSIDFromProgID is unable to determine an OPC Server's CLSID (Class ID) from the given ProgID (Program ID). The ProgID is used to identify an OPC Server's name. This is usually due to an OPC Server's failure to correctly register itself.


DCOM Error

0x80040202 error appears in the OPC Client application when it fails to receive a callback from the OPC Server.


File not found DCOM Error

0x80070002 or 80070002 File not found DCOM Error occurs when DCOM is unable to find the OPC Server file. The most common cause is the OPC Server is no longer in the same location it was originally, or if a registry setting was changed.

To repair this error:

  • Option 1: Reinstall the OPC server

  • Option 2: Find the OPC Server executable and return it to the original location

  • Option 3: Change the appropriate registry settings using RegEdit.


Directory not found DCOM error

0x80070003 Directory not found This DCOM error occurs when users attempt to connect to the OPC Server, but DCOM uses the wrong name for the OPC Server folder (directory).

This typically happens when you move an OPC Server to a different folder, or if you rename one of the folders in the OPC Server path.

To repair this error:

  • Option 1: Reinstall the OPC Server

  • Option 2: Rename the folder to the correct folder name

  • Option 3: Find the appropriate registry keys and change them manually

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