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Managing Project Authorizations


The scope of Project Authorizations is to customize the actual roles of a User Manager Project.

i4scada Project Authorization are custom virtual authorization entities that allow the customization of authorizations. The project authorizations can be created depending on the project's needs.

The project authorizations are used in managing control behaviors: control can be set up to be displayed if a user is a member of an authorization group that has a specific project authorization, or to be hidden if the authorization group that the user is part of does not have that specific project authorization.

Before working with the User Manager open i4scada Service Manager and start the i4scada Server:


i4scada Server running

The Project Authorizations panel is accessed from the main toolbar drop-down list. The list of Project Authorizations displays only the items that the logged in user has access to see and will obey the security protocol that is enforced in the web services.


Project Authorizations panel

The list of Project Authorizations is split up into the following columns:

  • Name - The name of listed Project Authorization.

  • Description - The custom description of the Project Authorization. Allows the possibility to add specific information about the Project Authorization.

  • Actions - this last column is an atypical one. In the Actions column, the actual user management actions are available. The available actions for a listed Project Authorization are: Clone Clone.jpg, Change password change_password.jpg, Edit edit.jpg and Delete delete.jpg.

The Project Authorizations list allows sorting, filtering, and searching actions. 

In order to add new Project Authorizations selection of the AutGr_add.jpgbutton is necessary. Selecting the Add button opens the Add dialog, where the following settings may be organized:

  • Name - the Project Authorizations name

  • Description - the Project Authorization custom description. Allows introducing particular details about the Project Authorization.


Add Project Authorization

After all desired information about the Project Authorization has been introduced you may proceed with Save or Cancel:

  • Save_button.jpg button - the dialog will be closed and the changes saved in the database, for future use. Saving a new Project Authorization will consequently update the list, making the changes immediately visible.

  • Cancel_button.jpg button - the dialog will be closed and the changes discarded.

By selecting the Clone.jpg button, the system opens the Clone item dialog. The selected project Authorization name is copied and the suffix "_clone" added, to constitute the clone. The name of the new clone may be also manually defined.


Clone Project Authorization

Further on, the Clone item dialog allows either to Confirm the clone or to Cancel.

  • Confirm_button.jpg button - the dialog will be closed and the changes saved in the database, for future use. The new Project Authorization will be made available in the list view, immediately.

  • Cancel_button.jpg button - the dialog will be closed and changes are discarded.

The existing Project Authorizations may be at any point updated, by clicking the Actions button edit.jpg. The Edit dialog is opened, allowing changes at the level of Name and Description of the selected Project Authorization.


Edit Project Authorization

To confirm the changes and close the Edit dialog, press button Save_button.jpg. To discard the changes and leave the edit mode, press button Cancel_button.jpg.

Project Authorizations can also be deleted by selecting delete.jpg button, in the Actions column for the item to be removed. A confirmation dialog is opened.


Delete Project Authorization

The confirmation dialog allows either to Confirm or Cancel deletion.

  • Confirm_button.jpg button - leads to deletion of the selected Project Authorization. Item is removed from the list.

  • Cancel_button.jpg button - closes the confirmation dialog and all changes are discarded.