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i4scada Studio User Manager


Learn about the i4scada Studio User Manager visual structure and understand how to configure your project users and authorizations.

The i4scada User Manager is an application dedicated to managing users, their properties, rights, and all adjacent elements that form the security of the i4scada installation. Having a high level of customization, any user rights combination can be achieved using the proper settings.


To understand the workflow in User Manager, it is important to understand the i4scada security concepts.

The way Ewon by HMS Networks manages security and permissions is by allocating Users to Authorization Groups. For example, users assigned to the Administrators Authorization Groups will have administrative rights and users assigned to the Guests Authorization Group will have guest rights.

Depending on the setup of the Authorization Group that users belong to, the users will be able to access different parts of the system, and/or edit or read the information (signals, alarms, etc.).

The User Manager is the application that manages the Users and the Authorization Groups, by enabling the system administrator to add/delete users and give them specific permissions, based on the project's needs.

The User Manager application can be accessed through the i4scada Studio, in the Settings section, or by means of HTML Components in the context of i4scada Smart Editor. 

i4scada Studio User Manager interface

The i4scada User Manager UI is divided into 4 areas:

  • the main toolbar

  • the search area

  • the information area

  • the item lists area

The drop-down list featured in the main toolbar, allows the possibility to switch to the desired panel, choosing from: Users, Authorization Groups, Project Authorizations, Access groups, Access Authorizations, and User Actions. 


Settings area - User Manager

i4scada Smart Editor HTML User Manager

User Manager may be accessed in a browser, by publishing an i4scada SmartEditor project containing extension wf-user-manager. More details on the HTML User Manager can be found in the article 


Example of HTML User Login

More details about HTML User Manager may be found in the upcoming article.