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Custom extension displayed multiple times in the Toolbox


Does your custom SmartEditor extension appear multiple times in the Toolbox? We know about this issue and prepared a quick solution for you!

When adding a custom extension to SmartEditor, removing it then adding it again, the Toolbox panel will sometimes display the custom extension doubled. The same custom extension will be displayed by the Toolbox panel multiple times, once for each time, it was added. The issue may appear due to the fact that the file driving the Toolbox panel, is not updated each time a custom extension is added or removed using the Extension Manager.


SmartEditor Toolbox


The work-around for this issue is to manually trigger the Toolbox refresh by opening the Customize Toolbox panel.

Example: Removing a doubled extension from Toolbox

This example will fix the issue described and shown in the above picture.

  1. Uninstall the custom extension using the Extension Manager. At this point, the extension will not be visible anymore in the Toolbox.


    Extensions Manager

  2. Close the Extension Manager and open the Customize Toolbox window. This will trigger the refresh of the Toolbox. Close the Customize Toolbox window, without modifying anything, by pressing OK.


    Customize toolbox window

  3. Install the custom extension again using the Extension Manager. Because the Toolbox was refreshed, the custom extension will be displayed correctly.