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i4scada Knowledge Base

MessengerPro Server Application


Learn about how to start the WEBfactory i4scada MessengerPro Server Application using the i4scada Service Manager.

Starting the MessengerPro Service

The i4scada MessengerPro service can be started and stopped using the i4scada Service Manager.

Alternatively, the service can be started and stopped using the Services window in Microsoft Windows (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services). The MessengerPro service can be set to start up automatically when Windows loads.


At runtime, the application has no user interface. However, it is possible to check the operations of the application using either the Call archive tool or the TraceInfo program.

Using the Call archive, the user can focus on communication errors using the filtering system.

The exact error message can be obtained using the TraceInfo application. This application displays the debug messages for all i4scada software.