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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Adding new tiles


Check out this article for more details about the possibility to pin tile and to understand what each setting means.

The Pin tiles function can be accessed by clicking the option with the same name, available in the global menu bar, for all the users with administrative rights.


The Pin tiles option

By clicking the Pin tiles button, the Add tile panel is opened, allowing the user to fill in the following settings:


The Add tile panel

  • Tile type - The tiles can be of types:

    Tiles of type Personal are visible only to the currently logged-in user. On the other hand, the Shared Tiles will be visible to all users, that have the assigned Tile roles.

    • Personal - setting a tile to type Personal will make the tile available only for the creator user. Personal tiles do not expect Role assignments, as they will inherit the owner's roles.

    • Shared - setting a tile to type Shared will make the tile available for all system users that share the same roles as the respective tile.

  • Title - The Tile name, displayed when the panel is opened.


    Example of Tile Title

  • Sub-title - The Tile subtitle, displayed underneath the Tile title. The scope of this field is to provide more information about the panel opened by the respective tile.


    Example of Tile Subtitle

  • Url - Allows the user to insert the Url opened when accessing the Tile.

  • Tile size - Allows the user to manually update the size of the respective Tile. The default Tile size is 1x1, which is also the minimum value, but it can be adjusted to higher values such as 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1, and the maximum of 3x2.


    The Tile size

  • Panel size - Allows the user to select the size of the current panel. Users can select from the available options, starting with the smallest value of xs (extra small) and ending with the highest 6xlg (6 times large).


    The Panel size

  • Url open mode - Allows the user to set up the open mode when accessing the Tile. The options are either opening the tile as a panel or opening it in a new browser tab.


    The Url open mode

  • Enable status - defines if the Tile is active (enabled) or inactive (disabled). A disabled Tile is grayed out in the Tiles grid.


    Disabled Tile

  • Classes - Tiles can be attributed to a particular Class, which adds the respective Tile to a subcategory. The Tile classes are selected from a predefined drop-down list of class values. The appurtenance of a Tile to Class may bring along some visibility particularities of that Class (e.g. color).

To preserve the new Tile the user can click on the Save button. To leave the Add tile page without saving any changes, the user can click on the Close button.