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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Adding pages


Open this article to learn how to add new pages to your i4connected portal and what each available setting means.

By clicking the Add toolbar button in the Page List panel the Add page panel is opened. In this view the user can define the following page settings:


The Add page panel

  • Title - The page title that will be visible in the left navigation menu.

  • Link fragment - The fragment identifier representing the last part of the URL generated when the new page will be opened.

  • Type - The page type is selectable from a drop-down list where the following predefined values are available:

    • overview

    • standard

    • customer

    • siteOverview

    • system

  • Roles - Clicking on this field the Select Roles panel is opened. In this view, the user can select the roles to be assigned to the new page. By this, all the users having these roles assigned will have access to the new page.

  • Icon SVG - The scalable vector graphics of the image that will be displayed by the new page.

  • CSS class - Optional CSS class for additional styling of the new page. In this field, the user can apply the following predefined CSS classes:

    • wf-i4-analytics (blue)

    • wf-i4-energy (green)

    • wf-i4-maintenance (orange)

    • wf-i4-monitoring (violet-blue)

    • wf-i4-scada (red)

  • Visible - if the value Yes is set, the page will be visible. A warning message will also be displayed, indicating that the page will be visible in the left navigation menu, only after refreshing the browser.


    The visibility settings

The toolbar of the Add page panel features the Reset option. By clicking this button, all the defined settings are reset and the user can add new settings.


The Reset button

In order to preserve the new page, the user needs to fill in all the mandatory fields (Title, Link fragment, and Type) and press the Save button, located at the bottom of the panel.


The Save button


After adding a new page, the user needs to manually refresh the browser, in order to be able to view the added page in the main menu bar.

To return to the Page List without preserving the new page, the user can click the Close button, at the bottom of the Add page panel.


The Close button