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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Event Types


The i4connected Event Types are a flat list of entities, containing an Id, a Name, and an Icon. More details are available in this article.

An Event Type is a flat structure used for defining a category of event definitions.

The dedicated Event Types tile opens the Event Types panel. The list of Event Types can be opened in view mode by all system users, regardless of their permissions set.


The Event Types panel

The user can search for Event Types by their name, using the filtering mechanism provided in this view.


The Event types filter

By clicking the Refresh toolbar button, the user can manually reload/refresh the list of Event Types.


The Refresh button

Adding an Event Type

New Event Types can be added by clicking the Add toolbar button. The Add new Event type functionality is only available for users having the Manage Events permission enabled.


The Add Event type button

In the Add event type panel, the user is required to fill in the Name and can associate an Icon to the Event Type.


The Add Event type panel

The icon is selected from the Select icon panel where multiple predefined icons are available. The icon will be consequently displayed in the Event Type card.


The Select icon panel

Editing an Event Type

Users having the Manage events permission enabled can also change an Event Type settings. By clicking on an Event Type card the Edit event type panel is opened, allowing the user to update the entity name and icon.


Opening an Event type in edit mode

To preserve the change made the user can click on the Save button. To close the edit mode without making any changes, the Close button can be selected.


The Edit Event Type panel

Deleting an Event Type

Users having the Manage events permission enabled can remove redundant Event Types. The listed Event Types can be removed by clicking the Delete toolbar button, in the Edit event type panel. The Delete event type panel display information upon the impact of the deletion operation.


The Delete button

In this view, the user is requested to fill in the deletion code and press the Delete button to confirm the operation. As soon as the deletion is processed, the Event type is removed from the list of Event types.


The Delete event type