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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

SCADA security


Check out this article and learn how is the SCADA screens security organized within i4connected 5.6.

For SCADA visualizations, i4connected security relies on a concept of consistency.

The i4connected Role is used as i4designer Project Authorization security setting. Hence, only users assigned to the respective role will be allowed to see SCADA visualizations.

Further on, the i4connected Permissions are used as i4designer System Authorization security setting.

To conclude, the Security at the level of SCADA visualizations built with the i4designer application can be controlled with a combination between:

i4designer SCADA web applications can be shown either in an i4connected frame or in a dedicated browser window. These two applications are secured in two different ways:

  • The static content itself is protected by a login and requires an application cookie from the identity provider.

  • If the application needs API access, an OAuth2/OIDC client is integrated for getting the access token for API usage and managing the renewal of tokens and the session.