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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

User Functions


Check out this article describing you set up User Functions in your i4connected project and learn how to manage them.

The i4connected Users can be classified based on the Function they fulfill in the company.

The Functions panel allows the following operations:


The Functions panel

Viewing, filtering, and refreshing Functions

The Functions panel can be accessed as follows:

  • Using the dedicated Functions tile


    The Functions tile

  • Using the Function field in Add / Edit user panel


    The Function field

The Functions panel is equipped with a filtering mechanism, where the user can search and pinpoint the desired Function.


The Functions filter

By clicking the Refresh toolbar button, the list of Functions is reloaded.


The Refresh Functions button

Adding new Functions

To create a new Function, the user can click on the Add toolbar button, in the Functions panel. In the Add function panel, only the function Name needs to be filled in.


The Add function panel

To preserve the new Function the user can click the Save button.

Editing Functions

In order to update a Function, the user can select it from the list view, via the Edit option. The user can change the Function name and press the Save button to preserve the changes.


The Edit function panel

Deleting Functions

To remove a Function, the user can click on the Delete toolbar button, located in the Edit function panel. The Delete function panel displays information upon the Users affected by this operation. To confirm the deletion the user must type in provided code and press the Delete button.


The Delete function panel