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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

i4connected MobileApp introduction


Check out the benefits provided to you by the i4connected Mobile App features and learn how to use the application.

The i4connected MobileApp is a mobile companion application, designed to work along with the i4connected platform. The scope of the i4connected Mobile App is to allow the user to collect and validate data, while offline and synchronize it later on.

i4connected MobileApp benefits

To most worth mentioning i4connected MobileApp benefits are:

  • works along with the i4connected platform, while always being available in the user's bag or pocket;

  • provides an easy way to collect and submit manual counter measurements, from devices located throughout the user's facility;

  • can be used on any Android device (phone, tablet, or Chromebook) or iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch);

  • collects, validates, and synchronizes values;

  • can also store data while offline, providing the user with the possibility to synchronize it later, when the network connection is available.

i4connected MobileApp features

The i4connected MobileApp provides the user with the following features:

  • counter routes, counter device, and signals synchronization

  • online manual counter measurements collection and synchronization with the i4connected platform

  • offline manual counter measurements collection (synchronization only available when online)

  • multiple measurements collection, from the same or different counter devices

  • measurements validation