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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

The Public Holidays


Check out this article to learn about the Public Holidays and how to manage them, to meet your best interests, in context of your i4connected project.

The Public Holidays panel can be accessed in context of a Site, by clicking the Public Holidays tile. This tile visibility is conditioned by the presence of the Manage site public holidays permission.


The Public Holidays tile

In the Public Holidays list panel the user can organise the following actions:

Viewing, filtering and refreshing the Public Holidays list

The Public Holidays pane lists all the Public Holidays defined for a particular Site. The Public Holidays are listed as cards in a scrollable list. Each Public Holiday card displays the Name and the Date of the entity.


The Public Holidays list

This panel provides the user with a simple search function that filters the list by Public Holidays name or a part of its name.


Example of filtered Public Holidays list

To manually update/reload the Public Holidays list the user can click the toolbar Refresh button.


The Public Holidays list Refresh button

Adding new Public Holidays

In order to create a new Public Holiday for the selected Site, the user can click the Add toolbar button. In the Add Public Holiday panel the user needs to provide the name of the public Holiday and the date of its occurrence.


The Add Public Holiday panel

Editing the listed Public Holidays

All the listed Public Holidays can be updated by selecting them in list view. The Edit public holiday panel is opened allowing the user to change the holiday name and date.


The Edit public holiday panel

Deleting Public Holidays

While in the Edit public holiday panel the user can decide to remove the selected entity by clicking the Delete toolbar button. In the Delete public holiday panel, the user is informed of the impact of this action and is requested to confirm the deletion by filling in the provided code.


The Delete public holiday panel

Exporting Public Holidays

The Public holidays list provides the user with the possibility to download the list by clicking the Export toolbar button. The export starts in the browser, immediately after clicking the button. A file with the .ics extension results from this action, which can be further used for certain purposes.


Export Public Holidays list

Importing Public Holidays

The Public Holidays can also be uploaded by the user by clicking the Import toolbar button. In the Import public holidays panel, the user can upload a .ics file with the scope to update or to add new Public Holidays to a Site.


Import Public holidays panel