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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

The GridVis Adapter


Check out this article and learn everything that you need to know about the GridVis Adapter and how to configure it in i4connected.

GridVis is a network visualization software for setting up an energy-monitoring system and monitoring the voltage quality. GridVis supports multiple measuring instruments and it is compatible with a large number of devices.

At level of i4connected, GridVis measurements can be remotely monitored and analyzed.


To be able to use the GridVis Adapters (projects) an active account should be available on Janitza GRIDVIS-ENERGY platform, for the GridVis-WEB application.

While configuring the GridVis Device the user is required to add a set of GridVis specific settings:


The GridVis Device settings

  • the GridVis server (adapter)

  • the GridVis device (project)


Only users with  the Manage adapters permission enabled can add and edit Adapters.

GridVis Adapter connection

By clicking the Select adapter field the Select GridVis server panel is opened. In this view, all the already configured GridVis adapters are listed allowing the user to chose the one to be used.


The Select GridVis server panel

Additionally, the user can click the Add toolbar button to start configuring a new GridVis server.


The Add GridVis server button

The Add GridVis server panel features the following settings:


The Add GridVis Server panel

  • Name - specifies the name of the GridVis server that will be displayed in the GridVis Device properties, as well. This setting is mandatory.

  • Description - the user-friendly description of the GridVis adapter.

  • Address - specifies the URL of the client GridVis-WEB application, where the GridVis projects, devices, and their measurements are installed. This setting is mandatory.


    As soon as the Address of an active GridVis-WEB account has been added, the user will have access to all the configured GridVis projects.

  • User name - specifies the GridVis-WEB account username.

  • Password - specifies the GridVis-WEB account password.

  • Poll interval(ms) - the time interval, in milliseconds, when the synchronization will be performed (the default is 90000 milliseconds – 15 minutes). This setting is mandatory.

  • Import months - specifies the number of months, for historical data imports. This setting is mandatory.

    Based on the value selected in this field, the Import will pick up the device signal values (measurements) for the past months. By default, the value is set to 12 months, but it can be updated as desired.

  • GridVis Project - opens the Select GridVis project panel, where all the accessible GridVis projects are listed. This setting is mandatory.


    The Select GridVis project panel is populated with data, only if the previously added address pointing towards the GridVis-WEB account is active and available, for the currently logged-in user.


    The Select GridVis project panel.

  • Select owner - the name of the Adapter owner.


    Adapter owner selector

    By clicking on the owner selector, the Select Users panel is opened allowing the user to chose the Adapter's owner.


    Select Users panel


    When adding a new Adapter the creator user is by default set as Adapter's owner. However, the owner can be changed after the Adapter was saved, by all users having at least the Manage adapters permission enabled.

  • Time zone - the time zone used by the new GridVis Adapter. By default, the Time Zone is predefined for the currently logged-in user. This setting is mandatory.

  • Trace level - trace levels determine which events the trace provider generates. The user can select the desired trace level from a drop-down list where the following predefined value is available: Trace, Debug, Info, Warn, Error, Fatal, and Off. This setting is mandatory.

  • Enabled / Disabled toggle button - If the setting is turned on, the Adapter is enabled and functional.

After filling in all the mandatory fields, the user can either click the Save button to preserve the GridVis adapter, or the Close button to close the panel without making any changes.

GridVis Device connection

After the GridVis Adapter has been applied to the new GridVis Device, the user is required to select the GridVis device, by clicking the respective selector.


The Select GridVis device project

As soon as both the GridVis Server and Device have been applied, the user can save the new GridVis device and proceed with Signals management.


For more details about the GridVis signal settings please also visit the dedicated article here.