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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Event Gantt Dashboard


The Event Gantt dashboard represents the statistical event data on a timeline, providing a granular view of what happened and when.

The present article describes the monitoring functionality of the Event Gantt Dashboard of the i4connected portal.

The Event Gantt panel can be accessed by either clicking on a column from the Event Rankings chart or using its dedicated tile in the Monitoring section of the i4connected portal. This panel lists the statistical event data on a timeline, providing a granular view of what happened and when.


The Event Gantt Dashboard

The top side of the panel houses the following options that can be tweaked in order to obtain a customized statistical view:

  • Grouping - a quick method of grouping the displayed data by Article, Parts, Orders, Devices, Events, and Event Groups. Selecting any of the grouping options will automatically reload the Gantt, to display the data.


    The Grouping filtering


    In order to enable or disable multiple grouping options, the users having management rights on tiles can edit the panel parameters and select the desired groupingEntities.


    In this view, the user can select the default Entity, using the groupingEntity parameter. The groupingEntity parameter drop-down list will only show the Entities selected previously.

  • Calendar - allows the user to set the time period from which the data is displayed, selecting from the following options:


    The Calendar button

    • Time range selectors - provide the user with a set of predefined options:

      • 1H - the last hour

      • 8H - the last eight hours

      • 1T - the last day

      • 1W - the last week

      • 1M - the last month

      • 3M - the last three months

      • 6M - the last six months

      • 1Y - the last year

    • From / To selectors - provides the user with the possibility to select a customized time frame, selecting the Start and End date and time.

  • Chart Settings - allows the user to select the number of displayed event occurrences and the time format for the tooltip.


    The Chart Settings area

    • Maximal display event occurrences - allows the selection of the maximum amount of Event occurrences to be displayed in the Event Gantt chart.

    • Tooltip format type - allows the selection of a time format to be considered by the chart tooltip. The drop-down list displays the following options: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, and Days. Using this option allows the Event Gantt chart to automatically convert the duration of the event occurrence (from Start until End) considering the options selected at Tooltip format type.

  • Information button enables the Event Groups legend.


    The Information button

  • Export button allows the user with the possibility to export the Event Gantt data, via XLSX format.


    The Excel Export button

  • The Filter buttons - allow the user to apply the following filters to the list:


    The Filters buttons

    • Objects filter - opens the Object Filters panel, allowing the user to select the Organizational Units, Sites, or Areas where the events are originating. Any filtering done in this panel can be saved and accessed later using the Save filter and Open favorite filters buttons from the right side of the top menu.


      For more details regarding the Object Filters, please also visit the dedicated article.

    • Events filter - opens the Events filter panel, allowing the user to select the Events, Event Types, and Event Groups.


      For more details regarding the Events Filters, please also visit the dedicated article.

    • Parts filter - opens the Parts filter panel, allowing the user to select the Parts, Orders, and Articles.

  • Table - opens the Event Details Dashboard providing a deeper view of the event's statistics.


    The Gantt Table view

The main section of the Event Gantt panel is the timeline. This graphic display shows event occurrences spread across the time range, emphasizing the periods when the events occurred or not.


The Gantt timeline

Hovering an occurrence in the timeline will display the exact time-stamp and duration of that event occurrence.


The Event Gantt tooltip

Clicking on an event occurrence the Event Details panel is opened. The entire timeline can be scrolled vertically to reveal more occurrences, scrolled horizontally by dragging the timeline to navigate through each occurrence, and can be also zoomed, for a better viewing experience.