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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

The i4Identity Registration page


Check out this article and learn more details about the i4Identity Registration page and what actions are required in this view in order to access the i4connected system.

The i4Identity Registration page enables users to gain access to the i4connected system. At this user enrollment step, the user is required to fill in a set of required data and submit them, by clicking the Register button.

Since the registration process only happens the first time a user accesses the system, the Register option is available for all the users accepting an Invitation to the i4connected portal.


Example of an invitation email


For more details about the i4connected invitation system and how to register a new user, please also visit the dedicated article, here.

By clicking the Register option featured by the i4Identity Home page, the i4Identity Registration page is opened. Please note that the Register option is enabled only when the i4Identity Home page is accessed via an


The Register option

It is a way to check your credentials.


The i4Identity Registration page

Every time after your initial registration, you will log on to the system using the username and the password you created.


For more details about the i4Identity Home page please visit the dedicated article, here.