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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Drilldown images


Check out this article and learn more details about the Global system settings, available under the Edit settings panel, and how to manage them for your i4connected environment.

The Global System Settings panel provides the i4connected system administrator users, having the Manage configurations permission enabled, with the possibility to manage a set of global settings, in the Edit settings panel.

The drill-down images are pictures shown by the drill-down panels of hierarchical entities, such as Organizational Units and Sites.

System administrators having the Manage configuration permission enabled, can set drill-down images, for Organizational Units and/or Sites, using the Edit settings panel.


The Edit settings panel

In this view, the user can select images to be applied to the Organizational Units Overview and Sites Overview drill-down panels. By clicking the Browse button, the user can select an image, available on their local machine, and apply it in the Edit settings panel.


The Open dialog

As soon as the Open button is clicked, the image is added to the Organizational Unit / Site drill-down photo field.


Drilldown photo

Images uploaded in the Edit settings panel can be removed by clicking the Clear button.


The Clear button

To preserve the changes does in the Edit settings panel, the user can click the Save button. To leave the panel without preserving the changes, the user can click the Close button.


The images selected in this view are visible in the Organizational Units Overview and Sites Overview drill-down panels.


Example of a consumption overview panel

For more details about these panels, please also visit the dedicated article here.