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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

Measure Types


Check out more details regarding the Measure Types and how to add them for further usage in i4connected Measure Aggregations.

Measure Types specify the KPI and/or Measure Aggregation meaning (e.g. Power, Emissions, Weather, etc).

The Measure Types panel allows the user to select, edit or add a new measure type. The panel lists all the available measure types and allows the user to filter them using the measure type name.


The Measure Types panel

The panel's top menu allows the user to add a new measure type into the system. Clicking the Add button opens the Add Measure Type panel which provides the following parameters to define a new measure type:


The Add measure type panel

  • Measure type name (mandatory) - the unique name of the measure type. This name is used throughout the application for listing and filtering measure types.

  • Visible - if this visibility flag is set to no, the measure type will not be available in certain specific use cases.

  • Icon - the icon of the measure type. By clicking the Icon field, the Select Icon panel is opened allowing the user to choose an icon, selecting from the following categories:


    The Select icon panel

    • Actions

    • Alarming / Events

    • Buildings

    • Devices / Brand Icons

    • Mediums

    • Charts

    • Miscellaneous

Further on, the user can edit the existing Measure Types by clicking it in the list view. This will open the Edit measure type panel which allows the user to edit all the measure type details.


Edit measure type panel

In order to remove a Measure Type, the user can click the Delete toolbar button, in the Edit measure type panel. The deletion is performed in the Delete Measure Type panel after the user acknowledges the impact of the action and fills in the deletion confirmation code.


Deleting a measure type