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i4connected Knowledgebase 5.6

The Sites Filter


The Sites Filter behaves differently from the other i4connected filters. Check out this article to learn more details about it!

The fifth type of filtering provided by in i4connected portal is not as frequently met as the previously described ones. The Sites Filter panel can be opened using the left-side Filter button, available in the Map panel.


The Sites Filter button

Clicking the Filter button, a side panel is opened, displaying the list of all the sites that the currently logged-in user has access to.


The Site Filter panel

The site filter can be used to search by using any textual information of the sites. The filter will search among all the site's text fields:

  • Site name

  • Site customer

  • Site type

  • Site street

  • Site country

  • Site city


Textual information search

The filter is constantly synchronized with the site's map, allowing the user to select a site in the filter panel and instantly view it on the map. This two-way synchronization means that if the user selects a site from the map, the filter panel selection will automatically indicate the selected site.


The Site Filter focus