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WEBfactory 2010

Accessing web services using HTML5 and Javascript


Check out this article and learn more details on how to access the web services using HTML5 and Javascript.

This document is intended for all the users of WEBfactory 2010 software version 3.4 and above and is designed to facilitate the understanding of WEBfactory 2010’s approach on using HTML and JavaScript to access web services.

The document will present methods of accessing the alarming and logging web services using HTML and JavaScript.

For a correct understanding of the following information, WEBfactory 2010 software version 3.4 or above and additional modules must be installed on the operating machine.

Accessing the web services using HTML and JavaScript is possible by using additional scripts.


The jquery.ajaxdotnet.js script needs to be downloaded from our source. This version has an error handling bug fix which is not available in the original version of the script.

In order to work, the HTML file and the scripts need to be accessed using IIS and need to have the same protocol, host and port as the web services.

The data passed to the web services is case sensitive and must match exactly the function signature of the web services.