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WEBfactory 2010

Using DateTime Control in SmartEditor

The DateTime control displays at runtime the date and time of either the server or local machine.


DateTime control in SmartEditor

In order to use the DateTime control, drag it on the Page surface and adjust the settings accordingly to your needs.

Besides the standard SmartEditor properties, the DateTime control has Security and Signals properties:

  • Format - under Misc

  • SecurityAuthorizationName - under Security

  • SecurityDenyAccessBehaviour - under Security

  • ServerName - under Signals

  • Source - under Signals


Security and Signals properties

The Format option enables the user to change the date/time display format. The format is composed from the standard abbreviations:

  • dd - days

  • MM - months

  • yyyy - years

  • HH - hours

  • mm - minutes

  • ss - seconds

  • fff - milliseconds

The ServerName option enables the user to select the reference server for the date and time signals.

The Source option enables the user to select between displaying the date and time of the server or of the client.


DateTime control at runtime