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WEBfactory 2010

General Messaging Settings Section


The Messaging configuration section provides access to settings related to the WF2010 MessengerPro Addon.

The General Messaging Settings section allows the user to configure the settings of the WEBfactory 2010 messaging system.


The General Messaging Settings section

The options listed in the General Messaging Settings section are:

UI Option



Toggles the deletion of the sent messages. The deletion works like a ring buffer, always deleting the oldest messages.

Max Days

The maximum number of days the messages are stored before deleting.

Max Numbers

The maximum amount of messages to be stored before deleting.

Time Zone

The time zone used by the messaging service. Can be either UTC or local time.

Runtime Behavior

Provides the option to disable the MessengerPro service, activate it for selected servers or activate it for all servers.

Server List

The list of servers for which the MessengerPro service is active.

Transmit vPlant Messages

Send vPlant messages using the MessengerPro service.

Remote Alarm Acknowledgment

Allow the remote acknowledgment of alarms via a message reply, using a specific acknowledgment format.