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WEBfactory 2010


The WFNavigationParameter control is the crucial element in passing parameters from a navigation button to the content of the navigation SubPage. The WFNavigationParameter control resolves the parameters sent by the navigation buttons and makes them accessible to the controls configured to use them from the navigation page.

The WFNavigationParameter control can also be used to define a different set of parameters, using it's own Parameters editor. The parameters defined in the WFNavigationParameter control are available to all the controls on the same page and to the controls contained by the pages opened from the page containing the WFNavigationParameter control.

The WFNavigationParameter control does not have any UI-related role and should not be visible at run time.


The the WFNavigationParameter control offers the following particular features:

Resolving and passing parameters

The parameters passed by the navigation buttons to the navigation SubPage are resolved by the WFNavigationParameter control.

Own parameters

The WFNavigationParameter control can hold a set of parameters available to the page it resides in and to all SubPages of that page.

Design-time properties

The WFNavigationParameter control shares some of the following common design-time properties of the WEBfactory 2010 controls library:

It also exposes the following particular properties:

Navigation properties

In Microsoft Blend and Visual Studio, the following properties can be found under the WEBfactory 2010 - General category.

  • Parameters - allows the user to configure parameters available to the controls on the current page and all the pages opened from the current page.

    The parameters can be created, copied, moved around or deleted using the buttons from the bottom of the Edit items window.

    Each parameter exposes the following properties:

    • Name - the name of the navigation parameter.

    • Value - the value of the navigation parameter.