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WEBfactory 2010

WEBfactory 2010 Setup tutorials


Check out these easy step based tutorials guiding you through the necessary settings required to get your own WEBfactory 2010 product, running on your computer.

Make sure to read the WEBfactory 2010 Requirements and Recommendations prior to installing WEBfactory 2010.

Before starting the WEBfactory 2010 installation, some preparations must be made.


You can skip any step by selecting what installation guide is needed. If IIS is already set up on your machine, you can skip the IIS installation guide and select the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 / 2016 installation guide.

If both IIS and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 / 2016 are already installed, you can go directly to the WEBfactory 2010 install guide by clicking the link below, or selecting the topic from the left tree menu.

WEBfactory 2010 version 3.4.20 or above run without Internet Information Services (IIS).