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WEBfactory 2010


WFDateTime1 displays the date and time at run time, using a predefined format or the language specific date/time format.


WFDateTime1 control


  • Visual customization - users can customize the look of the control at design time.

  • Advanced security - the WFDateTime1 control offers the complete security options, keeping away the unnecessary complications.

  • Multi-language support - the displayed text is automatically translated when using the WEBfactory 2010 Symbolic Texts.

Design-time Features

The design-time features section describes the controls features at design time.

Visual customization

The user has the possibility to control the looks of the WFDateTime1 control. Using the options provided by WEBfactory 2010 , the user is able to change the colors and fonts used by the WFDateTime1 control.

This feature can be found under the Appearance category (SmartEditor) or Brushes category (Blend).


The WFDateTime1 allows the user to define the format in which the date and time will be displayed at run time. The format must follow a specific pattern:

  • dd - days

  • MM - months

  • yyyy - years

  • HH - hours

  • mm - minutes

  • ss - seconds

This feature can be found under the Misc category (SmartEditor) or WEBfactory 2010 category (Blend).


The WFDateTime1 can display the date and time using either a Server, Client or ServerToClient source. If a Server is selected as source, the server name must be defined in the ServerName text field at design time.

This feature can be found under the Signals category (SmartEditor) or WEBfactory 2010 category (Blend).

Design-time Properties

The control's design time properties are available in the Properties panel:

  • Format - the format of the date and time displayed at run time. If empty (default), the format of the date and time will be depending on the WEBfactory 2010 language. When manually typing the format, the following placeholders must be used:

    1. dd- days

    2. MM - months

    3. YYYY - years

    4. HH - hours

    5. mm - minutes

    6. ss - seconds

  1. SecurityAuthorizationName - allows the user to select an authorization group. The members of the selected authorization group will have access to the control.

  2. SecurityDenyAccessBehaviour - allows the user to select a behavior that will be active when a user that doesn't belong to the above selected authorization group logs in. The action can either be disabled or hidden.

  3. ServerName - the name of the server selected as Source.

  4. Source - the source of the WFDateTime1 control can be either the Client machine, a Server machine or ClientToServer. If the Server is selected as source, enter the server name in the above field.