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WEBfactory 2010

Load Balancing for Custom Connectors


Check out this article and learn about the load balancing for WEBfactory 2010 Custom Connectors.

The WEBfactory 2010 Server provides a signal which contains all requested signals by name: serverConnectorPrefix_ListOfRequestedOnlineSignals.

This signal is composed from a prefix (serverConnectorPrefix) and the signal name (ListOfRequestedOnlineSignals):

  • The serverConnectorPrefix is a GUID which is generated by the custom connector.

  • The ListOfRequestedOnlineSignals variable contains the list of the signals that are requested by the user (eg. "Setpoint 1, Setpoint 2, Local Second"). When the user changes the page in the visualization, the ListOfRequestedOnlineSignals is automatically updated (eg. "Setpoint 3, Local Hour, Cosinus 1"), so the requested signals are always the signals needed by the current opened page of the visualization. This way the developer of the connector could implement a optimized access to his items.

This load balancing feature is useful when the implemented custom connector has to optimize the access to the devices.