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WEBfactory 2010

WEBfactory 2010 Connection String Encryption


Check out this article and learn more details about the WEBfactory 2010 Connection String Encryption.

Starting with Service Pack 8, the WEBfactory 2010 connection string encryption has been upgraded to the industry leading AES 256 encryption algorithm. This encryption upgrade implies following the best practices explained below to obtain the connection string programmatically.

To access the connection string using the new encryption algorithm, an updated set of tools are provided in the WFCommon.dll library. To obtain the connection string in clear text, the following libraries must be used:

  • WFCommon.dll

  • WFCommon.Cryptography.dll

Both of these two libraries can be found in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\_SERVICES\WEBservices\WCF\bin.

Code example

The following code sample shows you how to use the new methods available in the libraries listed above:

BrandingInfo.RegistryBase = "webfactory";
Var connectionStringProvider = new ADORegistryConnectionStringProvider(new WFCodec(), new RegistryService);
Var connectionString = connectionStringProvider.GetConnectionString();


The new methods provided in the updated libraries are backwards compatible. This means that the same methods can be used on a machine with WEBfactory 2010 SP8 or later (AES 256 encryption) as well as on a machine with an older WEBfactory 2010 version (previous encryption algorithm).

Starting with Service Pack 9, both WFCommon.dll and WFCommon.Cryptography.dll libraries have the platform target set to Any CPU.