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WEBfactory 2010


The WFComboBoxButton1 button allows the user to write a different value to a selected signal for each option in the combo-box list. It also provides visual feedback based on a selected signal's value using configurable states.


The WFComboBoxButton1 control shares the following common features of the WEBfactory 2010 controls library:

It also provides the following particular features:

Selection based signal writing

The WFComboBoxButton1 control can be set up with predefined write items which will be presented at run-time as combo-box list options. Each option will write a value to a signal when selected. This signal to be written is common for all the write items.

Remote position controlling

The WFComboBoxButton1 control's position (the selected item from the write items list) can be controlled by a different signal, set in the StateSignalName property. The value of this signal corresponds to the selected item in the write items list, starting with 0 for the first item. Combining this feature with the visual states and the signal to be written can result in creative and diverse run-time behaviors which can satisfy various use cases.

Design-time properties

The WFComboBoxButton1 control shares the following common design-time properties of the WEBfactory 2010 controls library:

It also exposes the following particular properties in 's Property Inspector:

Misc properties

The following properties are available only in SmartEditor:

  • IsTabStop - if checked, the control can be selected using the keyboard's Tab key.

Signals properties

In Microsoft Blend and Visual Studio, the following properties can be found under the WEBfactory 2010 - Signals category.

  • StateSignalName - allows the user to select a signal which drives the control's selection from its list. The value of this signal controls the index (position) of the item that is selected from the list (for value 0, the control will display the first item in the list, for value 1 the second item and so on).

  • WriteSignalName - allows the user to select a signal to which the configured write items will write their values, at run-time.

  • WriteItems - allows the user add items to the combo-box list. These items will be selectable at run-time and have their own properties at design-time:

    • Height - the height (in pixels) of the list item.

    • Source - the image file that will be used as icon for the list item.

    • SymbolicText - the translatable text displayed by the list item.

    • Value - the value that will be written to the StateSignalName signal when the list item is selected at run-time.