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WEBfactory 2010

Interface Description


Check out this article and learn more details about the WEBfactory 2010 Client SDK through the interface description article.

Overview of Communication Classes

Each WEBfactory 2010 2006 Control has one WFConnector class that connects to a common WFDataProvider class:


SDK Class structure

Collecting Requests

WFDataProvider class connects internally to a specific WEBfactory 2010 Server and requests all needed information for the application at once. Even if there are hundreds of controls located on a page only one WFDataProvider collects those requests and there will be only one connection to WEBfactory 2010 .

Common Information

This WFDataProvider runs for the entire life cycle of the Silverlight application. Static information like translations and languages can be read once and cached for further requests. This also reduces network traffic and CPU usage of server and client.

With that bundling feature we make sure to have synchronized refresh of the graphical user interface.

WFConnector Class Overview

These methods and events are implemented by WFConnector class (click on the title to expand/click on "view more details" to go to the corresponding page):