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WEBfactory 2010

Installing Windows Authentication on Windows 2008 Server


Check out this article and learn how to install Windows authentication on Windows 2008 Server.


By default, Windows Authentication is not installed in Windows 2008 Server. The Windows Authentication feature is used by WEBfactory 2010 when the user is trying to automatically log in with the Current Windows User.


To install the Windows Authentication feature in Windows 2008 Server, follow the next procedure:

  1. In Windows 2008 Server, open the Server Manager tool (Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager)


    Opening the Server Manager tool

  2. Expand the Roles category from the left-side panel and right click on Web Server (IIS) to open the contextual menu. Select Add Role Services.


    Adding a new Role Service

  3. In the Add Role Service window, head in the Role services list and scroll down to the Security category. Select the Windows Authentication and click the Next button.


    Selecting the Windows Authentication for installing

  4. On the Confirm Installation Selection page, click Install to install the new feature. Wait until the installation is complete and click Close to exit the Add Role Services dialog.


    Installing the Windows Authentication feature

  5. The Windows Authentication option is now available as an Authentication option in IIS and can be enabled.


    The Windows Authentication option enabled for the WEBfactory 2010 Web Services