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WEBfactory 2010

Importing alarms with shared help texts in WEBfactory 2010 Studio


Check out this article in order to learn how to import alarms with shared help exts in WEBfactory Studio.

The following tutorial will guide you through the process of adding shared help texts for alarms defined in XML, using a spreadsheet application (like Microsoft Excel).

The goal of this tutorial is to add shared help texts that will be automatically added in WEBfactory 2010Studio when importing the alarm from the XML file.

The same workflow applies to HelpCauseText, HelpEffectText and HelpRepairText.

The SharedHelpTexts are help texts that can be shared by multiple alarms. To define a Shared Help Text in XML, a specific prefix must be used.

The Shared Help Text prefix will help the Studio recognize the help texts as Shared Help Texts and automatically add them to the Studio's Shared Help Texts list.

The prefix must be added in front of the translations for each language.

The Shared Help Text prefix uses the symbolic name of the shared help text in the translations.


where the SharedName is the symbolic text name of the help text.


Example 1

In the Example 1 picture, on the first line is an alarm that has custom help texts. On the second line is the alarm with shared help texts.

It is easy to see that the prefix of the shared help texts is formed from #SN:[, the symbolic text name of the help text and ]#.

In the XML file, the SharedName from the prefix used in the translations columns MUST match the SharedName from the Default HelpCauseText column. This is compulsory if using HelpEffectText and HelpRepairText too.


Example 2

In the Example 2 image, the German translation DE_SharedCauseText is missing. In this case, the Studio will import the alarm with no translation for German language for the shared help text. This method is used when translations are not needed for all languates.

The shared help text prefix is needed even if no translation is available for a language!

When importing alarms with new shared help texts in Studio, the new shared help texts will be automatically saved in the shared help text list of the Studio.

The same prefix can be found when exporting alarms with shared help texts from WEBfactory 2010Studio.